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OK, how do you pronounce Coeio? What does it mean?

We took a liberty with a latin word, coeo, which means “assemble, or come together.”

Here’s how you say Coeio:

co- +‎ e + ō (go)

We love the name since the idea of coming together is really at the heart of why we started the company.  We should come together with the earth naturally after we die.

What’s more, we’ve observed that expressing your wishes to your loved ones makes death a community experience. We go so far as to say it enables a celebration of life. As we have seen people choose Infinity Burial for themselves or loved ones, family and friends have come together to make that a reality which is an amazing thing to see.

How does the Infinity Burial Suit work?

The Infinity Burial Suit is a handcrafted garment that is worn when being buried.  

It is embroidered with a special type of thread infused with infinity mushroom spores.  When buried, the mushroom spores act to cleanse the body of many toxins and gently return the it to the earth.  

The end result: our bodies are transformed into vital nutrients that enrich the earth and foster new life.

When will the Infinity Burial Suit be available?

We expect to release the burial suit to the general public in late 2015.

We are in the process of trailing and manufacturing the suit now.  If you would like to receive updates on our progress, get early access to the suit, or special discounted pricing join our launch community.

If you are in immediate need of a suit now, please send us a message here and we will explore whether we can accommodate your particular situation

Can I reserve a suit before they come out?

We are opening invitations to a waiting list and some will be part of our Early Adopter Program.  If interested you can sign up here.

Is the infinity burial suit available for pets?

Soon.  We are working on an infinity burial pod designed especially for animals.  We expect to offer it later in the year with the burial suit.
If you would like to receive updates on our progress, get early access to the suit, or special discounted pricing join our launch community.

Are there any special preparations needed when using the suit?

None.  You simply place the body in the suit and button the top and bottom sections together.
Like other green burial options, it is recommended that the body be buried within 24 hours, or otherwise refrigerated.
Please be aware that there are certain circumstances when embalming is required, so please reference the  related FAQ.

Is it legal to use the infinity burial suit?

Yes, it is completely legal to use.

Where the confusion comes in is that some funeral homes and cemeteries require a traditional casket to be buried.  While they make it sound like a legal requirement, it actually has more to do with their own commercial goals.

This trend is changing however.  In recent years, interest in green funerals have been  on the rise, and a growing number of green funeral homes and burial grounds have emerged.  If you are interested in these, simply google green burial or check out the directory at the green burial council.

But remember, you do have a choice.

Do I have to get buried in a special place when I use the suit?

 A range of options are open to you, including traditional cemeteries, specially designated green cemeteries, green burial conservation lands, or even on private land.   Each provider is different though, so we recommend contacting them to discuss your wishes and make arrangements.
We find that green cemeteries and conservation lands are the easiest to work with and most aligned with our customers’ values.  To find one simply google green burial or check out the directory at the green burial council.
For burials on private land, please be aware that  laws are highly varied by municipality.  Be sure to thoroughly research the options in your area.

Where can I find green cemeteries in the US?

Simply google green burial or check out the directory at the green burial council.

What toxins are found in the human body?

The Centers for Disease Control in the US says we have 219 toxic chemicals in our body.  These include tobacco residues, dry cleaning chemicals, pesticides, fungicides, flame retardants, heavy metals, preservatives, etc.  The CDC reports that the chemical Bisphenol-A (BPA), a synthetic estrogen and plastic hardener which causes reproductive and neurological damage, is found in 93% of adults age 6 and older.

Why would I want to encourage my body to decompose?

Unless we are cremated or mummified, our bodies will decompose after we die.  Being embalmed and placed in a casket and a concrete grave liner will delay the process, but only for a few weeks or months. We like the idea of facilitating the decomposition, so that our bodies can be part of the earth as soon as possible. We also like the idea that we can be productive and help solve our environmental crisis  – even after we die.

Will the mushrooms eat me while I am alive?

No.  The mushrooms we are working with are edible mushrooms, which prefer wood-based substrates.  These mushrooms are selected for their capacity to digest dead human tissue.  They are not being genetically altered and will not morph into a flesh-eating disease.  Consider the following…At any given moment, there are a million fungal spores, bacteria, and even viruses in the air, on every surface, and even in your own body competing for nutrients.  Your body, when alive, has a natural defense mechanism (your immune system!) to fight off these microorganisms.  Your body, when dead, no longer has an active immune system and will therefore become food for any organism.

How can I get involved?

Join our launch community, contact us if you would like to offer your skills and expertise, or help spread the word!  We are especially seeking the following volunteer/pro bono assistance and resources**:

  • Green funeral director to oversee demonstration burial (pro bono)
  • Green cemetery or conservation burial site for demonstration burial (pro bono)
  • Experienced Industrial Designer to help co-create the next burial container(s)

Have a question not answered here?  Post below and we will respond.

21 replies
  1. Alan
    Alan says:

    The mushrooms decompose the body completely?
    Mushrooms do what with the toxins?
    The mushrooms are edible after use with no toxicity whatsoever?
    Where does all the toxicity go?

    • Mike Ma
      Mike Ma says:

      Hi Alan, our products will eventually decompose a body except for the bone. Many of the organic toxins like bPA are metabolized while heavy metals are made inert. This process is called mycoremediation. With regard to if this is edible, remains to be seen. In fact, the mycelium may not fruit (make mushrooms) at all; but they are working below ground.

    • Mike Ma
      Mike Ma says:

      If you have the means … absolutely! However some of the green benefits will not likely be realized in space since much of the process requires aerobic respiration and from what I hear, space is not great for that. Also, to think of all the energy used in breaking earth’s orbit! It’s staggering!

      • GJ
        GJ says:

        If one could help to seed life elsewhere in the universe, however small the chances are, I think the staggering energy use would seem minimal by comparison. Thanks for answering my question, hopefully in the future, space trips are commonplace.

  2. Danielle
    Danielle says:

    Will the mushroom emerge from the ground and if so, are the mushrooms edible once they emerge? How many generations/flushes of mushrooms would you have to discard before eating?

    • Mike Ma
      Mike Ma says:

      Hi Danielle, mycelium don’t always fruit (making the mushrooms you see and buy) and that is dependent on soil conditions, temperature, and moisture; however, they are still working underground. We plan on doing extensive research on all facets of the process. But as for the edibility that is still an active area of research. Some researchers are still conjecturing about this. But we hope to know more soon!

    • Mike Ma
      Mike Ma says:

      We are still testing with our new beta program, but in casual use we have been able to keep the products on the order of months (since the company was founded) with little to no premature decomposition. Furthermore, we are delivering products vacuum packed, and if kept cool, it should keep for months – years. We are starting our laboratory for testing this and many other questions and look to publish those findings later in 2016!

  3. Green Alan
    Green Alan says:

    If I am an orgon donator will my organs have to be removed from my body within the 24 hour time period needed to become suitable for the mushroom burial?

    • Mike Ma
      Mike Ma says:

      That should be fine. One of the big evolutions from the talk is that there is no “training period” that needs to be done for the mycelium to work.

  4. Marie-France
    Marie-France says:

    So, normally a body will decompose when buried. It does this through bacteria, flies, worms etc… With the mushroom suit, do the mushrooms contribute to the process or replace the process?


  5. Michele
    Michele says:

    Do you expect to provide the possibility of pre-planning? Meaning, could a person include instructions to loved ones to contact Coeio for a suit upon death and receive a suit that has already been purchased, like other pre-planning arrangements tat exist?

    • Mike Ma
      Mike Ma says:

      Yes, we do plan on offering/integrating to services like this. Alternatively, when you purchase a suit it arrives vacuum packed and if kept in a stable environment, it should last many years.

    • Mike Ma
      Mike Ma says:

      Hi Splat, yes, if that is your wish and you make the proper arrangements to be buried in your garden with authorities. Our technology should enable more rapid decomposition, clean soil, and accelerated nutrient delivery to plants.


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